Perfect Timing

From: Warby Parker
Date: 03/08/2014
Subject Line: Finally

03.06.2014 WarbyParker


One of the necessary requirements for an email marketing professional is to possess an almost religious dedication/obsession to sorting through the daily inbox. When part of the job is subscribing to every email retailer under the sun, “email fatigue” can start to set in, and it can take a lot more to us get “wowed” by any particular campaign…

We LOVE this effort from Warby Parker, which is notable for a few reasons:
1) The subject line is to the point (one word!) and compelling.
2) The awesome creative. With only 2 frames in the animation that rotate between images of a clock going from 2am to 3am, the file size is nice and light for speedier loading time. You can see the animation in effect here.
3) The timing is absolutely perfect… arriving 8:13am on a Saturday, this email was at the top of my inbox, and most likely of Warby Parker wearing hipsters everywhere.

Added bonus: make sure to check out this delightful infographic posted to the WP blog. How much fun must it be to work for their creative team???

Lyla Reinero

Lyla Reinero is a Creative Services veteran and Founder + Principal at Code à la Mode. Throughout her Digital Marketing career she has worn many hats including Developer, Designer, Account +Program + Traffic Manager, and award-winning Blogger for The Retail Email Blog. She loves getting into the mix with special clients, to help them meet their Creative, Marketing & Strategy goals. In her down time, Lyla enjoys shopping, cooking, enjoying the good life, and convincing anybody who will listen that her current locale of Pacifica, CA is the place to be!