Responsive Web Design

One of the questions we most commonly field is “What is Responsive Web Design?”, and we typically answer from a Coding perspective. In a nutshell: the HTML files are coded with flexible images and media queries so that the design will render differently based on the viewing device (say desktop vs mobile or tablet). Coding for RWD is more complex, and typically takes 50% more time than non-responsive. Additionally, the designer and the coder need to be on the same page, and therefore communication time is also typically increased. We came across this stellar blogpost from Sandijs Ruluks with the FROONT team on 9 basic principles of responsive web design, which addresses many of the questions from a Design perspective. As the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. We think the animated GIFs included in the article are worth a lot more. Check it out!

Lyla Reinero

Lyla Reinero is a Creative Services veteran and Founder + Principal at Code à la Mode. Throughout her Digital Marketing career she has worn many hats including Developer, Designer, Account +Program + Traffic Manager, and award-winning Blogger for The Retail Email Blog. She loves getting into the mix with special clients, to help them meet their Creative, Marketing & Strategy goals. In her down time, Lyla enjoys shopping, cooking, enjoying the good life, and convincing anybody who will listen that her current locale of Pacifica, CA is the place to be!