Above the Fold Hero

Give It a Scroll

When designing an email it’s important to keep “the fold” in mind. In other words, get your message across in the small space the subscriber will see without needing to scroll. If you can’t squeeze your information into that small area, give them a REASON to scroll.

Date: 8/25/15
Subject Line: Last Call…Dresses & Tops from $20

I don’t know if I should file this email under “oops” or “genius.” Lol. I had to scroll just to make sure.

GUESS Mobile Fold       GUESS Email

From: J. Crew
Date: 8/30/15
Subject Line: You’re really missing out… Extra 40% off sale styles & free shipping on orders of $100+ ends tonight.

I was enticed, so I scrolled. I’ll give them points for originality, but in the end it wasn’t worth the scroll. The bottom of the email didn’t contain any new information. I expected to find some information about the promo? sale? new products? I was pretty sure they weren’t selling ice cream, but I had no clue what this email was about (aside from the subject line). Once I clicked through to the landing page and saw the copy “Summer Treat” and the promo code “saletreat,” the connection with the ice cream made sense. However, the email lacked context or a reason to click.

J. Crew Mobile Fold       J. Crew Email