Invite a Friend to a Sale

Starbucks came up with a fun and clever way to spread the word about their promotion. The deal was: Buy one holiday drink, get one free. The email encouraged subscribers to invite a friend to a free drink. They provided a variety of cute animated gifs that could be personalized and shared through social media.

Starbucks Starbucks

From: Starbucks
Date: 11/12/15
Subject Line: 4 days only: Buy one, get one to share
See the landing page


I love the concept, but I have a few suggestions for improvement. I would have liked to see the animated gifs in the email. By only saying “Create and Send an Invite,” I didn’t know what to expect — for all I knew it could have brought up a basic email form. The design is also really long with too many topics. The sections are overly large to the point where each fills the entire screen. This means a lot of scrolling, and no visual push into the next section. My last gripe — on the landing page, you can’t tell the images are animated until you click on them. I would have liked to see the animation from the get go.

On a positive note, I love the hero graphics (the gold dust and illustrated cups)… although its size pushes the call to action below the fold. The stylized font that appears throughout the email is also appealing. Lastly, the animations are super creative and cute which makes it so much fun to share.