Cards Against Humanity

Black Friday at its Best

Cards Against Humanity is known for their outrageous, dare I say, insulting humor. While retail emails poured in on Black Friday about lightning must-have deals, CAH presented this, “Dear horrible friends… The deal is simple. You give us $5. We give you nothing.” The email was simple and straight forward. There was no catch. The over-sized call-to-action read, “Give us $5.” Clicking on it took you to a page to give money, for nothing in return.

From: Cards Against Humanity
Date: 11/27/15
Subject Line: Nothing.

Cards Against Humanity

So how did fans respond? By giving away their money of course! They raised over $71K on Black Friday. Cards Against Humanity responded in kind by letting fans know how they spent the money. “There’s been a lot of speculation about how we would spend the money from Black Friday, and we’re happy to announce that this time, we kept it all. Here’s what we bought.” The page goes into detail about what each employee purchased, each item as absurd as you would expect. Purchases included items such as 760 lbs of cat litter, a Lord of the Rings Legolas long bow, a 24-karat gold vibrator, even payment for a divorce attorney. It also included various donations to multiple causes. You’ll have to check out the page for the full list of itemizations:

So how could something like this happen?? Well, let me give a little history. Cards Against Humanity has been known for their generosity in the past. Last holiday season the company offered customers 10 days of mystery gifts for a flat fee of $15. Over 250K people signed up. To my understanding a similar deal has been offered for 3 consecutive years. It’s safe to say CAH was not profitable in this endeavor. Even though they lost money, it was a great way to expand their customer base and earn the loyalty of their existing fans. It’s likely that the customers who partook in these past events were the ones that donated on Black Friday. Either they expected they would receive something in return (looking past the email’s dark humor) or they simply wanted to pay it forward to a company who rewarded them in the past. So, what it comes down to is this. Give and you shall receive. Earn the love and loyalty of your customers and they will throw their money at your feet. Lol. So go forth and share the love!

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