showroom hero

Straight from the Showroom Floor

I like how these emails give you a feeling of shopping in the store by showing the products as you would see them in person: displayed on a table, carefully folded or hanging on the rack. It makes the images seem less doctored when they’re not being worn by a curvy model or in a perfectly decorated setting.

From: American Eagle Outfitters
Date: 11/01/15
Subject Line: Take 25% off, ’cause we APPreciate you!

american eagle outfitters

I ADORE this email design. The wood grain background that extends the full height of the email sets a nice inviting and rugged tone. The leaves add to the ambiance, giving a sense of fall. But the best part (as it should be) is the products. The way they overlap on top of one another, along with drop shadows, really give them interest. The way they’re positioned draws your eye around to each item and down the page.

From: maurices
Date: 10/21/15
Subject Line: Top picks for 9 to 5.


I love how the folded clothes overlap the hero to draw your eye into the next section. The products are fanned out and folded in interesting ways to add movement. The call to actions are well placed to fill the empty space and connect with the items.

From: Express
Date: 11/06/15
Subject Line: New Express One Eleven! Let’s hang


Puns galore are included in this email from Express. The hero image shows a rack of clothes on hangers. The subject line says “Let’s hang” and the headline is “The tops you need for major hang time.” Cute.

From: babyGap
Date: 10/22/15
Subject Line: snoopy’s here!

baby gap

Baby Gap shows off its new Snoopy collection by folding and laying them all out as you would see in a store. It’s effective at fitting a lot of products into a small space while also giving a true sense of what each garment looks like.

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