Glitch Hero

A Nice Recovery

It happens to the best of us — an email goes out with a mistake, a promo code doesn’t work, a website goes down… No one is perfect. But when something like this happens, you need to be quick on your feet. Let your subscribers know that you’re aware of the issue, and offer something in return for the inconvenience. Your offer can be anything from a heart-felt apology, to an extension of the sale or additional savings. Here are two emails that did an exceptional job.

From: American Eagle Outfitters
Date: 11/18/15
Subject Line: Son of a glitch.
See the email with animation

AEO AEO glitch gif

When you’re in a crunch to get this message out fast, it’s easy (and often necessary) to cut corners on the design. Surprisingly, American Eagle Outfitters presented a well thought out design while under pressure. I love the subject line (Son of a glitch) and the animated hero (of a picture with a glitch). Well played, AEO. So what can we learn from this email? Plan ahead. You never know when you might be in this very situation, so create a design ahead of time. Have it coded and standing by. When the time comes to use it, plug in the details and send it out the door.

From: Christopher & Banks | CJ Banks
Date: 11/13/15
Subject Line: Oops! Our Bad…

Christopher & Banks

Here’s another example from Christopher & Banks. I like how they incorporated the original email into the response message. It makes it clear which email they’re referring to, and even adds a bit to the design. A message that is purely text can get overlooked, but they did a great job addressing the issue in a scannable way. When the glitch was corrected the next day, they resent the email and updated the subject line to “Festive Friday is now Festive Saturday!” They also included this message at the top of the design: “Festive Friday is back on! … and extended through Saturday. Thank you for your patience. Happy shopping!”

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