From Garb to Goul

Want to join in on the Halloween fun but don’t sell Halloween products? No sweat! Polyvore and LOFT sent these emails showing how to turn everyday clothes into one-of-a-kind Halloween showstoppers! With the right foundation and a few accessories, you can make your products relevant and irresistibly original! It just takes a little imagination.

From: Polyvore
Date: 10/14/15
Subject Line: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween


As for the design, they did a great job making the text scannable and staggering the products for flow. However, I would have liked to see a little more Halloween flare by using color, backdrops or graphics. Also, the landing page experience was less than ideal. After looking through pages upon pages of products, I was unable to find the clothing featured in the email. Whenever you’re linking to a category rather than a specific product, ALWAYS begin the list with the featured item.

From: LOFT
Date: 10/29/15
Subject Line: 40% off EVERYTHING (costumes included)


LOFT took a similar approach. In fact, the designs are nearly identical. They chose to add a flashing call to action, which is sure to grab attention. (And an additional call to action at the bottom, which also can’t hurt!) However, the banner at the top of the email (IMHO) takes up too much space, pushing the main message and products below the fold. Their landing page is better than Polyvore’s, but could be improved upon. Every link goes to the same page, containing all of the items featured in the email. They took the time to write out the different products (ex: striped shirt + high waist skinnies + gloves = mime), so they could have easily linked each word to the corresponding item’s page on the website.

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