Aerie Keeping It Real Hero

Keeping It Real

From: aerie
Date: 9/28/15
Subject Line: Over 200 Bras Are ALL On Sale!
See the animation


The title states, “The REAL you is sexy. Emma Roberts doesn’t need retouching. Neither do you.” What a great way to connect with your subscribers. Offer something that people can relate to. Something they can picture themselves wearing/using. Let them see the product in an unaltered photo, no tricks of camerawork or photoshopping.

The only thing that might make this email better would be seeing the product on a variety of body types. It’s easy to not retouch a gorgeous model – let’s see some average body types too.

Aerie continues the theme and builds the relationship further by offering the hashtag #aeriereal. Here, people can share their own unaltered photos. Hashtags are a great way to get subscribers involved and do your marketing for you!

This begs the question: How can you make your email experience more relatable for your subscribers?

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