Rejuvenation Hero

The Beauty of a Zoom

From: Rejuvenation
Date: 3/24/17
Subject Line: LAST CHANCE! FREE SHIPPING + bath makeover inspiration

From: Rejuvenation
Date: 3/22/17
Subject Line: Don’t miss out! Free Shipping on your first order!

From: Rejuvenation
Date: 3/20/17
Subject Line: We’re treating you to Complimentary Shipping on your next order

Rejuvenation   Rejuvenation   Rejuvenation

These emails by Rejuvenation are the new evolution of design. Two major staples of my methods include: 1) creating flow by staggering products and 2) not overwhelming layouts with too many products. These email do neither, so WHY would I find these emails so aesthetically pleasing? The answer is in the photo zooms! If you tried this layout with photos of a typical shooting distance, it would become overwhelmingly cluttered; your eye wouldn’t know where to look and your brain would have trouble processing every element before you got bored and moved on to the next email. The zooms, however, add a clear and beautiful level of detail that are simplistic and easy to digest. Each image leaves you wanting more. The angles that the photos were taken at are also important; if each photo was shot head-on, it would become stale and lack movement. However, Rejuvenation cropped each image to add balance and interest to a layout that would otherwise be devoid of flow. I also love how each design has its own color scheme; every image coordinates with the hero perfectly.

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How It's Made Hero

How It’s Made

Sometimes the thing that makes a product shine is how it’s produced. The love, time and craftsmanship that goes into each piece can make it entirely unique. What better way to let people know how it’s made than an email highlighting the ins-and-outs of the process. These emails contain photos of the products being made and the people that make them. They highlight stories about where they come from, the history behind the products, and what makes them special. You can even learn how buying them can help a cause.

From: Crate and Barrel
Date: 8/21/15
Subject Line: 15% off + 5 reasons you’ll love a Crate and Barrel sofa.

I love how digestible this content is. It’s broken down into 5 sections, each with a short and to-the-point title. The pictures selected for numbers 1, 3 and 4 show the behind-the-scenes process well, which are a fantastic addition. I’m not sure that I like how much real estate the sale message takes up at the top, but at least they do a nice job tying the two messages together with the title “5 Reasons Your Next Sofa Should Be a Crate and Barrel Sofa.”

Crate and Barrel

From: UncommonGoods
Date: 8/24/15
Subject Line: These Goods Have Roots

This email has nice flow with the left-to-right image placement and overlapping pictures. I also appreciate the variety of image types which include both square-cuts and cut-outs, as well as products and process shots. However, the copy in this example isn’t very scannable. Some bolded headlines or keywords could help with that.

Uncommon Goods

From: west elm & Rejuvenation
Date: 8/26/15
Subject Line: Meet Rejuvenation + take 20% off!

This email’s focus isn’t the craftsmanship, but it’s included as a supporting selling point. I like the way they integrated the information with the color block + arrow and the behind-the-scenes image of the product being assembled. It’s just the small touches like this that make a product stand out as being more special.


From: west elm
Date: 9/08/15
Subject Line: We’re changing the world, one handcrafted piece at a time.

As opposed to the last email from West Elm, this one is solely focused on the craftsmanship behind the products. It takes a much different approach than the other examples with an entire lack of story. Instead they use a giant hero image that makes the message clear, along with a title and a link to learn more. This email is great for those with short attention spans that don’t want to do a lot of reading, and the call-to-action to learn more can help to drive click-throughs. My only gripe is the opening title is a bit wordy – I might swap the sub-header with the headline.

West Elm

To sum it up, sending an email like this is a great way to show your product has more to offer than the average cookie-cutter product straight off the assembly line. Highlighting the custom work, small details and the thought put into each design can really set your products apart from the competitors. As we’ve learned from these examples, it’s a good idea to include images of the products being made and remember to make text scannable by using bold headlines or keywords.

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Inspiring Blog Hero

Inspiration Becomes Reality

I look to many brands as a source of inspiration — whether it be for fashion, cooking or decorating. I’ll evaluate the design, dissecting each element to determine what makes it so great. I love that these emails do the work for you. They pull you in with an entrancing image, and then break down the products that bring the final look together.

From: Anthropologie
Date: 9/06/15
Subject Line: Out-of-sight outerwear + final days, 30% OFF.


From: Rejuvenation
Date: 8/12/15
Subject Line: Looking to update your bath? Start here with Free Shipping!‏


From: Sur La Table
Date: 8/01/15
Subject Line: Recipes & tips for a Thai-inspired stir-fry

Sur La Table

From: J. Crew
Date: 9/06/15
Subject Line: September in 60 seconds: the shoe, the jacket, the sweater & more

J. Crew

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Design Flow Hero

Creating Flow from Chaos

When you’re tasked to fit A LOT of products in an email, it’s tough to find a layout that will flow, draw interest and won’t overwhelm. Here are two design styles that I think pull it off quite nicely.

Solution #1: Staggered Image Grids
Works well with: Environmental Photography

I’m really drawn to this popular layout. Breaking away from the traditional grid, the staggered effect really draws your eye through the images and down the page. It has minimal text so it scans easily.

From: Rejuvenation
Date: 8/12/15
Subject Line: Looking to update your bath? Start here with Free Shipping!


From: Pottery Barn Kids
Date: 8/12/15
Subject Line: POW! Save on our Super Hero Collection

Potterybarn Kids

From: Anthropologie
Date: 8/16/15
Subject Line: It’s your move (our move: free ship).


From: Crate and Barrel
Date: 8/01/15
Subject Line: Last chance to save on outdoor furniture.

Crate and Barrel

From: Aéropostale
Date: 8/05/15
Subject Line: Online Sneak Peek: Employee Discount Sale!


Solution #2: Diagonal Lines
For use with: Product Cutouts

This design method uses graphics in addition to product photography to create flow.

From: The Children’s Place
Date: 8/05/15
Subject Line: Up to 55% Off All Uniforms + Get Back to School Essentials Starting at $2.99 + Extra 25% Off Savings Pass!

The Children's Place

From: Ulta Beauty
Date: 8/13/15
Subject Line: Who’s Getting a Gift? (Hint: It’s You)


Date: 7/29/15
Subject Line: Summer Denim: 7 For All Mankind, HUDSON & more



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Spring Forward With Code à la Mode!

Welcome to the Code à la Mode blog! Our aim is to help provide the world with sweetly coded email campaigns, and connect + collaborate with other email marketing geeks (“geeks” being a compliment, of course!)

With the spring equinox just around the corner,  retailers are reminding us that it is time for spring cleaning (yay!) The below emails help drive the point home…

From: Crate & Barrel
Date: 03/04/2014
Subject Line: The clean up.

03.04.2014 CB

This email from Crate & Barrel stands out in the inbox, as it is a departure from their usual templates and introduces some new fonts from the C&B repetoire. I like the use of the  grid layout which promotes  useful tips and the relevant products for spring cleaning.  Extra bonus points for the additional sub navigation with links relevant to all things organization related.


From: Rejuvenation
Date: 03/05/2014
Subject Line: See Our Spring Cleaning Must Haves: Porcelain Lighting, Cleaning Supplies and more!

03.03.2014 Rejuvenation

The headline of this email from Rejuvenation is Crisp, Clean and Ready for Spring… Just like the campaign itself!  Rejuvenation is employing a big trend being seen in email campaigns of late: stacked, numbered modules. (And pulling it off well, we might add). Hats off to the email creative  team at Rejuvenation for incorporating multiple images so seamlessly in this effort!


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