Standing Out in the Crowd

Sometimes the inbox can get pretty cut & dry with the same design formats regurgitated again and again. If you don’t work to set yourself apart, your email could get lost in the sea of messages. Here are a few designs that were really fun and attention grabbing.

From: UncommonGoods
Date: 8/17/15
Subject Line: Decor Envy

The hand drawn elements that support each product really make this email special. While some of the products may have gotten a bit lost in the drawings, it definitely got my attention and I took the time to find each item.


From: Tiny Prints
Date: 8/16/15
Subject Line: A Theme Come True! Plus, 25% Off Sitewide

This email drew me in right away with its bright complimentary colors and the invitation turned rocket ship. The fun continues with textured backgrounds separating each section and little side messages with arrows.

Tiny Prints

From: Banana Republic
Date: 8/15/15
Subject Line: You’ve never seen shirts like these

I love the hand-written notes and the arrows pointing out specific design elements. The thumb tacks, curled up corners, shadows and layers help give this email a fun bulletin board feel.

Banana Republic

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Tiny Prints

Adding Value

From: Tiny Prints
Date: 7/30/15
Subject Line: Etiquette Tips: What to Send When + Get Free Shipping

Tiny Prints

I was immediately smitten with this design — the flow, the treatment with the numbers, the overlapping images… But when I saw the significance of the numbers, I was in LOVE. This email provided insightful information about the proper etiquette for when to send thank you notes, invitations and announcements. How cool is that! I want to file this email away and keep it for future reference. How can other companies add value similarly? A home decor store could give tips on arranging items on a shelf. A clothing retailer could share secrets about popular color pairings for accessorizing. In short, impart some wisdom to further your relationship with your subscribers.

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