So, You Want to Learn HTML?

Learning how to code HTML many years ago, literally changed my life for the better. It provided me an opportunity to change careers in a drastic direction, shortly after my first child was born. Previously I was the ‪Sommelier + Maitre’d‬ of a 4-star rated restaurant, a job that I loved, and in which I excelled. However, as I quickly found out after returning from my maternity leave, trying to maintain the long hours required with restaurant management along with the demands of a newborn did not make for a happy family life. I was most fortunate that my brother encouraged me to take a course in HTML. I remember being terrified and having serious doubts that I could learn to code, but my awesome brother assured me that “any halfway smart person” could learn it…and that’s what I did!

I got my start by reading Beginning Web Programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS by Jon Duckett, and enrolling in a 2-day intensive HTML course at LearnIt!, a San Francisco Bay Area-based outfit, that now also offers Free Online Learning Opportunities. As luck would have it, my previously mentioned awesome brother was launching a boutique Email Creative Services agency, and I was able to hit the ground running with immediate part-time contract work, which enabled me to stay home with my baby daughter. Regardless of what a person does with learning HTML, it is a very valuable skill to have and can be used across a wide array of career paths.

Here are a few additional industry respected resources for learning about HTML, and Email Marketing:

Campaign Monitor
Code Academy

Once you are feeling confident of your coding chops, and you are ready for some work, here are a few places to find freelance gigs:

Authentic Jobs (Full-time and Freelance Gigs)

Creative Circle

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